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10 Winter Activities to Enjoy in Red Wing, MN

Red Wing, MN, is home to several year-round adventures, but we want to focus on the winter activities. Locals and visitors alike find great inspiration during the winter months, as the town is covered in soft, fluffy snow and glistens in the moonlight! This winter, you will be able to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life by enjoying some time in the lovely Red Wing atmosphere.


You and yours will be more than comfortable in the warm lodgings of the historic St. James Hotel. Opened in 1875, our luxury hotel has provided a reprieve for all, whisking folks away from the nearby big cities and bright lights. Our guestrooms are all uniquely decorated and come packed with modern amenities. We cannot wait to host you during your winter getaway. Keep reading to check out the ten winter activities you can enjoy in Red Wing, MN—

An Un-brrr-lievable Winter Chill Out in Red Wing, MN

  1. Embark on a skiing journey at Welch Village Skiing and Snowboarding
  2. Go cross-country skiing on the Cannon Valley Trail
  3. Bundle up and go winter birding in Frontenac State Park
  4. Spot some majestic bald eagled with a BrianK’s Eagle Tour
  5. Warm-up with a nice adult beverage at The Port, St. James Hotel’s onsite cocktail lounge
  6. Treat yourself to some room service with a lovely Scarlet Kitchen & Bar brunch
  7. Relax by your guestroom window and read a book from the Town & Country’s 2021 Must-Read list
  8. Shop ‘til you drop in Downtown Red Wing, MN
  9. Enjoy the Holiday Stroll Festivities at the St. James—just in time for the winter holidays
  10. Follow Hahn’s Fishing Guide and catch some seasonal species

Stay Warm at the St. James Hotel

Located along the beautiful Mississippi River, St. James Hotel is your premier vacation destination to Red Wing, MN during your winter getaway. We offer 67 one-of-a-kind Victorian guestrooms, all tastefully decorated and full of excellent amenities. Feel free to ask your knowledgeable and experienced staff about other fun winter activities. Book your stay online with us today! 

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