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Southeast Minnesota’s Finest Meeting Room Rentals

High-quality meeting space near Minneapolis and St. Paul remains at a premium. There will always be a need for quarterly off-sites for leadership teams, boards, and small businesses. In at nutshell, off-site meetings allow team members to obtain a fresh perspective on business tactics while recharging their batteries before yet another vital surge back at the office. Typically, the most alluring meeting room rentals are those that are within driving distance of the office, yet far enough away to fee like an escape. And, obviously, there’s never been a more requisite time to truly escape in an effort to bond together. Enter: St. James Hotel, the premier meeting venue within an hour of the Twin Cities. St. James Hotel boasts nine meeting rooms, on-site catering, Mississippi River vistas, high-tech amenities, and historical elegance.


10 Benefits of an Off-Site Meeting

At the end of the day, off-site meetings give those who shoulder the brunt of a company’s weight an opportunity to innovate, reevaluate goals, and team-build, while also revitalizing the team. There are, of course, countless benefits of booking an off-site meeting room rental. But now, more than ever, it’s vital to rediscover why off-sites are so incredibly important to those involved, which affects the overall health of the company.

  • Answer critical questions that you typically don’t have time for
  • Build and strengthen connections with new leaders
  • Confirm that those high-level company goals are obtainable
  • Ensure that you’re rowing the boat in the same direction
  • Make a comprehensive investment in your team
  • Off-sites are fun; fostering camaraderie is equally as important as mapping goals
  • Provide a much-needed change of scenery
  • Raise morale during an arduous stretch
  • Recognize succes
  • Spark creativity in a safe environment

Meeting Room Rentals in the Modern World

As Minnesota’s own son, Bob Dylan, so eloquently put it, “the times they are a-changin’.” In the foreseeable future, meeting room rentals are going to look, feel, and operate a bit differently compared to previous decades. Most companies have naturally come to realize that change doesn’t have to be acute. It’s never been more important to change, evolve, and innovate in the face of uncertainty. Meeting facilities are no different. The team here at St. James Hotel is dedicated to providing only the best hospitality and cleanest facilities, as well as modern technology to each and every team. Simple actions, such as enacting a “no handshake” policy or utilizing a larger than usual space, go a long way to ensure that everyone feels comfortable.

The Overall Appeal of St. James Hotel

St. James Hotel remains Southeast Minnesota’s shining example of elegance, luxury, and convenience. With nine distinct meeting room rentals that range from a 12-person boardroom to expansive company-wide presentation spaces, our event coordinators will undoubtedly be able to match your team with an option that fits your size, style and budget. The hotel also provides gourmet on-site catering, comfortable accommodations, and hands-on coordination. The Corporate Meeting Package includes everything from dedicated event planning to private lunches and IT support. Please fill out this form to receive a quote. You can also contact our team at 800-252-1875 to learn more about our many corporate-friendly spaces.

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