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Indulge in an MN/WI Pizza Farm Picnic

At an MN/WI pizza farm, you can taste the true essence of farm-to-table dining. The ingredients used in the pizzas are sourced locally, often right from the farm itself or neighboring farms. Long wooden picnic tables encourage people to come together, fostering community and connection. It’s a place where strangers can become friends, sharing stories, laughter, and a love for great food. 


The St. James Hotel is a majestic and historic landmark in the heart of Red Wing, MN. Our hotel has been welcoming guests since 1875, boasting a rich history, fine dining, timeless elegance, and a reputation for exceptional hospitality. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a memorable wedding venue, or simply a retreat from the ordinary, the St. James Hotel promises a truly extraordinary experience.

Enjoy a Pizza Farm Picnic at One of These 8 Local Treasures

  1. Red Barn Farm of Northfield: Join in on live music and delicious food at the pizza nights. They are the closest MN/WI pizza farm, only a 36-mile drive from St. James Hotel
  2. Squash Blossom Farm: Head here for yard games, live music, farm animals, homemade ice cream sandwiches, and scrumptious wood-fired pizzas. You will have a 41-mile commute from St. James Hotel
  3. The Stone Barn: Try one of this farm’s “far-out” pizza creations for an enchanting evening in Wisconsin. They are just a 43-mile trip from St. James Hotel
  4. Suncrest Gardens Farm: From live music to delicious pizza, a summer evening at this farm will surely delight your senses. Your commute will be 53 miles from the St. James Hotel.
  5. Sawmill Pizza & Brew Shed: Devour delicious pizza and beer at this local gem. This farm is a 59-mile drive from St. James Hotel
  6. Pleasant Grove Pizza Farm: While your pizza is cooking, you can enjoy the lovely farm trails and visit the friendly animals. This farm is a 67-mile trek from St. James Hotel
  7. Two Pony Gardens: Enjoy a picnic at Tailgater’s Meadow or Farm House Front Yard. This farm is a 71-mile-long journey from St. James Hotel
  8. DreamAcres Farm: Come to this pizza farm to indulge in vegetarian wood-fired pizzas, rain or shine, during Friday summer evenings. Your drive from St. James Hotel will be longer than other pizza farms on this list, as it is 75 miles away.

Indulge in timeless elegance and unparalleled hospitality by booking your stay at the St. James Hotel!

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