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Become Enchanted by the Fall Colors Near Red Wing, MN

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through the picturesque MN landscapes, a vibrant transformation of fall colors unfolds. The trees, once adorned in shades of green, now burst into a magnificent array of fiery hues. When autumn descends upon Red Wing, Minnesota, staying at the St. James Hotel offers a new flavor of beauty and charm.

As you arrive at the St. James Hotel during fall, the crisp air carries a fragrance of fallen leaves. One of the key features of our Red Wing hotel is its rich history, which dates back to its founding in 1875. Accommodations at the St. James Hotel offer a harmonious blend of classic elegance and modern amenities. The walls seem to whisper tales of a bygone era, and every room is steeped in history, making your fall getaway a journey through time.

4 Ways To Immerse Yourself in the Vibrant MN Fall Colors

1. Embark on a Scenic Drive Along Minnesota’s Great River Road

Designated as an All-American Road, Minnesota’s Great River Road offers some of the best views of the fall colors in MN that you can enjoy from the comfort of your car. Red Wing is on the Great River Road Bluffs section, which exudes small-town charm and awe-inspiring vistas. We’re also near the urban adventures found on the Great River Road Metro section

2. Explore Breathtaking MN Fall Colors at Frontenac State Park

Tucked along the Mississippi River, Frontenac State Park offers breathtaking river valley views with a stunning backdrop of MN fall colors. Take the Bluffside Trail to see the trees painted in a lovely tapestry of autumn colors. You can catch sights of changing cottonwood and migratory birds at the Sand Point Trail. The picnic area features the park’s most beautiful array of vibrant maple trees and overlooks Lake Pepin.

3. Bike the Minnesota Mississippi River Trail

Biking Minnesota’s Mississippi River Trail during the fall from Hastings, MN, to Winona, MN, is a captivating journey that immerses you in the stunning beauty of the changing season colors. The majestic beauty of the Winona and Red Wing bluffs will enchant you. You will be met with a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment at the end of your journey. 

4. Enjoy the MN Fall Colors on Top of the He Mni Can-Barn Bluff

Climb one of the most well-known natural features in the upper Mississippi River area for enchanting views of Red Wing, MN, adorned in vibrant fall colors. The He Mni Can-Barn Bluff towers 340 feet over the Mississippi River and is rich in history and cultural significance.

Staying at the St. James Hotel during the fall is an enchanting journey through the beauty and warmth of the season, leaving an indelible mark on your memory and heart.

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