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Travel to Minnesota for the Ideal Summer Vacation

Embarking on a journey to Red Wing, Minnesota, promises an unforgettable summer vacation filled with endless adventures and cherished memories. Nestled along the majestic Mississippi River, this picturesque city captures the essence of Midwestern charm with its small-town ambiance and scenic landscapes. St. James Hotel is nestled in the heart of downtown Red Wing, MN, and is one of the state’s most historic and finest hotels. Our hotel has welcomed guests for over 150 years and can’t wait to host your ultimate summer vacation.

4 Reasons Minnesota Is the Ideal Summer Destination

1. Minnesota Is the Ultimate Lake Trip

Minnesota is well-known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” making it the ultimate summer lake trip destination. The glorious Mississippi River offers plenty of things to do in Red Wing, Minnesota, during the summer. The Red Wing Marina has a great selection of pontoon and fishing boat rentals perfect for enjoying the water.

2. Red Wing, Minnesota Overflows With History

Red Wing is a spot in Minnesota brimming with history that you can explore this summer. St. James Hotel first opened its doors in 1875 and has hosted the stay of stars like Bob Dylan and Mark Twain. The Red Wing Barn Bluff started to form over half a billion years in the past. It has served many purposes throughout the years, such as a burial ground for prehistoric humans, a lookout spot for foreign invaders, a hiding spot for women and children, a source for building materials, and now one of the most popular landmarks in the area.

3. The Minnesota Summer Weather Is Never Too Hot

Many people in other regions enjoy mild winters but must pay the piper with scorching heat during the summer. The Minnesota summer weather features breezy sunshine that is rarely too hot. The Minneapolis average daily temperature in Minnesota during the summer is in the early 70s and rarely exceeds 92 degrees. 

4. The Twin Cities Feature Endless Urban Adventures

Red Wing is only around an hour’s drive from the Twin Cities metro, filled with restaurants, museums, and attractions. One of the must-see spots in the Twin Cities is Mall of America. Check out the first indoor amusement park in the United States, Nickelodeon Universe. Then head to Crayola Experience, which features 20 hands-on, creative activities. Then you can make your way over to the largest aquarium in Minnesota. You can enjoy all of this and much more without leaving the Mall of America!

Book your stay at St. James Hotel for a Minnesota summer vacation that transcends your wildest dreams!

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