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4 reasons to consider having your wedding venue at a hotel

Rustic? Modern? Traditional? Selecting your venue to celebrate your ‘I dos’ is more than picking a space.

It’s about setting the atmosphere and tone you want for your wedding. You’ll consider your venue’s location and amenities the space can offer. Imagine yourself and your soon-to-be-spouse at the venue before you walk down the aisle. What atmosphere are you looking for? How will your guests get back home and where will you stay? Do you want your guests to have a weekend getaway? Envision having your wedding venue in a hotel – all those questions will be answered. Dive into our top 4 reasons why you should have your wedding at a hotel.

1. The accommodations

Proximity is everything on your wedding day. You don’t want to be a few minutes away from your bridal party, so why should your ceremony and reception space be any different? You will not have to agonize about getting from point A to point B. Unique to the St. James, we have 5 stunning venues that can be used for your ceremony and reception, in addition to, 67 incomparable guestrooms to enjoy at the end of the night. Ready rooms are also available for wedding parties.

2. The surrounding area

Location makes all the difference. It sets the tone for your wedding. If your venue is secluded, it will feel different than if it’s in town. St. James is located in downtown Red Wing, a charming river town. The allure of Red Wing is that it’s not a just a town nestled on the Mississippi River bend, but it’s a weekend affair. Known for a blend of tradition and innovation, there is something to do before, and after the wedding. Within a block of the St. James, there are several restaurants, shops, picturesque views and plenty of outdoors activities to explore – for both the bridal party and guests.

3. Amenities offered

Venues offer amenities during your time to enhance your experience. The St. James is a historic wedding venue. Our space blends the wedding magic of tradition and today. The St. James has 3 distinct restaurants, a coffee shop, boutique shopping and is home to a salon and flower shop. We also have a banquet department dedicated to catering to your palette. Providing options to have most of the wedding services you need in one location, allows you to plan at ease and all in one spot.  Not to mention, we have an experienced wedding manager on staff!

4. Unpredictable Weather

There is no way to be certain of the weather on your wedding day if you have an outdoor ceremony and reception. It is risky to roll the dice with Minnesota weather. Also, your guests are dressed for the occasion. They may not want to walk in their good shoes through fields. Your guests want to be able to focus on you and not have to swat mosquitoes away or clean their shoes off before dancing through the night. Indoor venues with rustic accents such as rich, exposed beams and earth tones are the best of both worlds. They allow couples to decorate their space, keep you and your guests safe from rain, snow, humidity and outdoor pests and promotes the rustic atmosphere you’ve envisioned. The St. James is adding a new venue with organic element that’s perfect for couples looking for a rustic, elegant venue.


Flawless planning favors the positivity and beauty of your engagement and celebrates what’s important – you and the time with your guests. We don’t have to remind you that planning a wedding can be stressful. What we can remind you of is why the St. James Hotel is an ideal wedding venue with professional staff, delicious food and is undeniably rare. We aren’t like other hotel venues. Let us show you how details are our specialty.

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