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A Comprehensive Downtown Red Wing Shopping Guide

Historic Red Wing, Minnesota, a quintessential river town, is well known for its charming Main Street. Bustling Main Street is not only home to the revered St. James Hotel, but it sits directly below breathtaking Barn Bluff, beside the mighty Mississippi River. Downtown’s head-turning architecture flawlessly melds with the Mississippi River valley’s natural beauty, effectively manufacturing a romantic ambiance. Main Street’s most fascinating aspect is, perhaps, its eclectic shopping mecca. Thus, in hopes of enhancing your already stellar weekend getaway to Southern Minnesota, the St. James team has pieced together a comprehensive downtown Red Wing shopping guide, complete with 10 unique stops.

A 10-Stop Red Wing Shopping Guide

While there are well over two dozen unique boutiques, antique shops, and cafes within steps of Main Street, 10 distinct destinations stand out amongst the rest. And, as you might expect, no Red Wing shopping guide is complete without mentioning the likes of Red Wing Shoes, Pottery Place Mall, and Duluth Trading Co. So, let’s begin our self-guided tour with the world’s largest boot.


  1. Red Wing Shoes: 116 years later, no American footwear company shines as bright as Red Wing Shoes. Pose in front of the world’s largest boot before purchasing a new pair of your own.
  2. Fair Trade Books: Browse through Fair Trade’s extensive collection of new and used books while petting the establishment’s faithful “bookdog,” Reveler.
  3. Uffda Shop: Return home with a Scandinavian keepsake from the Uffda Shop, which is always especially festive during the holiday season.
  4. Red Wing Confectionery: The only thing that could make two nights in a St. James Hotel suite more heavenly is a heap of chocolate delights.
  5. Vintage Vinyl: Vinyl is officially sexy again as it officially outsold CDs for the first time since the 1980s. Browse through Vintage’s growing collection of records to reignite your love for physical music.
  6. Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery: Red Wing’s stoneware industry dates back to 1877. Grab a piece of living history before Red Wing Stoneware eventually runs out of custom-made products.
  7. Red Wing Olive Oils and Vinegars: Interestingly enough, the Morgan family owns four Olive Oil “branches,” two in Minnesota and two in Mississippi. We dare you to find a larger selection of award-winning oils in the Midwest.
  8. Whimsy’s: Purchase a new wardrobe at Whimsy’s, Red Wing’s finest women’s clothing boutique.
  9. Duluth Trading Co: By now, the entire country knows all about Duluth Trading. However, the Red Wing location is only three years old. Thus, it remains downtown’s “shiny new toy.”
  10. Pottery Place Mall: We’re going to polish off this list with a trifecta of shops inside the Pottery Place Mall. Firstly, Pottery Place Antiques is a blast from the past that must be seen to be believed. Secondly, Stockholm Pie & General Store offers everything from cow pie (a Wisconsin specialty) to local preserves (such as sauerkraut and jams) and, of course, a slew of pies. Did someone say, “BumbleBerry?” Lastly, Main Street XCHG is a trendy, up-and-coming boutique with a lot of flair.

If you’re looking for a tour of the Red Wing shopping district (with an artistic twist), we highly recommend Red Wing Arts.

Weekend Getaways for Couples in Minnesota: Red Wing

After a full day of sightseeing, outdoor exploration, and shopping, return to St. James Hotel for a memorable evening set in a glamorous, late-1800s setting. St. James is often referred to as the most romantic hotel in Minnesota, mainly because of its historical significance, sleek restaurant, old-world bar, B&B-esque guest rooms, and unfettered charm. Whether it be a suite, a hallway, or a dining area, each room in the hotel is wholly unique in design, style, and feel. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience that every couple needs to experience once in their lives.


To book a well-deserved winter or springtime escape to the beautiful St. James Hotel, please check availability online (or connect with a reservationist at 651-388-2846).

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