Our industry has always been focused on leading cleaning practices. Our goal continues to be around the care and confidence of our guests and our associates. We modified our current cleaning standards and included the implementation of enhanced measures to improve safety, as well as enforcement of heightened and comprehensive cleanliness standards on an ongoing basis across key areas:



  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

Personal Protective Equipment will be worn by all team members entering the building. In addition, gloves will be worn by team members whose responsibilities require them as determined by medical experts. Training on how to properly use and dispose of PPE has been added to training protocol.

  • Hand washing:

Team members in contact with the public that have restrictive access to soap and water will be provided with hand sanitizing and instructed to use it between guests. All other team members have been trained to wash their hands with soap and water (for 20 seconds) multiple times throughout their shift, between tasks, before and after breaks, etc.



  • Physical Distancing

Guests will be encouraged to practice physical distancing while moving around the hotel.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitation stations have been installed throughout the hotel in heavy traffic areas, entrances and elevators. Touchless faucet, urinals, toilets, and door-foot grabs have been installed in all public area bathrooms.

  • Guest Rooms

iWave air purifiers have been installed in all guests’ rooms. Rollaway beds or made up murphy beds offering will be suspended until further notice. Along with our normal cleaning protocols, additional attention will be placed on key areas around the room including but not limited to: doors, furniture, television remote control, telephone, light switch, and alarm clock etc.

  • Laundry

All bed linen and laundry will continue to be washed in accordance to health guidelines. Extra care will be put on delivery of clean and retrieval of dirty laundry to avoid cross-contamination. Guest laundry cleaning will be suspended until further notice.

  • Public Spaces

Public spaces will be a focus for our team members. These areas will be cleaned multiple times throughout the day specific to COVID touch point cleaning practices. Tables and chairs in the public spaces have been placed to aid with physical distancing practices.

  • Front Desk

Team members are required to wear masks when attending with guests. Hand sanitizer will be used between guests, and barriers have been installed. Special sanitizing procedure have been put in place for handling credit card readers, pens, door handles, and luggage carts. Express check-out will be highly encouraged.

  • In-Room dinning

All team members are required to wear masks. Team members will not enter a guest room; guests will be responsible to roll the dining cart into their room. Table linen will remain protected until outside the guest room to avoid contamination during transport. Food orders will remain in a closed container until attendant reaches guest room. Guests will be responsible to roll the table back into the hallway when done.


We are closely monitoring advisories and updates regarding COVID-19 from National and State regulatory organizations. Changes to our protocols and procedures will be made in accordance to these changes.


Ozzie Encinosa

General Manager