Grower to Cup & Why it Matters

Close your eyes and think about the city you live in. Where do you shop or like to go? Where do you choose to spend your time and money? Chances are the first thing that comes to mind is not hanging out at the local big box store. Residing in the elegant stapleton of the St. James Hotel lies Clara’s Gifts & Coffee.

One of several local coffee shops in Red Wing, Minnesota, coffee is just one of the hidden gems you could discover after visiting Clara’s.

Local coffee shops or small businesses are what weave a unique fabric of each town or community one is part of. We’ll be the first to admit — we are working on our space, voice and connection to our residents and community. We believe that local, small-scale brewers are better and ensure only the highest quality of coffee, with the added benefit of supporting the small business owner. With that being said, we are proud to partner with BLUECAF Coffee Roasters in Pepin, WI and Red Wing Arts association to showcase local creative artists as a rotating gallery.

Given the consumer demand for java, coffee drinkers have become more accustomed to higher end, quality coffee with a purpose. BLUECAF Coffee Roasters offer unique blends which promote sustainable growth and organic coffee from growers to cup.

Melissa Smith is no stranger to the locals in Pepin. In fact, the owner of BLUECAF Coffee Roasters has been serving the community since 1995.  Smith ran the operations and roasted the coffee for Great River Roasters Coffee and Café in Pepin, WI until 2014. Gaining popularity over the years from the attention to the roasting process, while using a bit of alchemy to meet customer demands and styles for their preferred cup profile.

Doing so has turned out favorites such as Mississippi Mud & JAVA JUMP ultimately adding to Smith’s success and is now serving exclusively at Clara’s Gifts & Coffee.  In addition, customers can purchase 16oz bags of BLUECAF Coffee at Clara’s, so they can experience that same great quality and flavor at home. “We want our customers to experience fresh coffee at its peak drinkability, just a few days after being roasted to perfection,” said Smith.

Stop into Clara’s for you next coffee fix. Peruse the drink menu & shelves, take a gander at our featured local artist, because the chances are — you are supporting someone else’s small business. The impact can caffeinate not only your morning, but a local entrepreneur’s dream.