Jimmy’s Pub: A treasure with unknown riches

At the St. James Hotel, there is a world to uncover within its space. Nestled on the fifth floor, is a treasure of Red Wing that attracts travelers from far places. You cannot see it from the streets, but you can find it on a map. Inspired by English influences, Jimmy’s Pub is a treasure with unknown riches. The inviting atmosphere is a combination of three riches, blossoming its lavish appearance since 1985. Immersed in an old-time world feel, people can enjoy handcrafted cocktails and delectable fare, but only a few know how Jimmy’s Pub got to be where it is today. In this blog post, we will cover the three riches, the gold, silver, and jewels of Jimmy’s that you may not have known it possesses.


The gold: the furnishings
The decor of Jimmy’s Pub is uniquely authentic to an English Pub. Google “English Pub” and you’ll find that Jimmy’s Pub is one of the first to show within the Red Wing area. The layout of Jimmy’s blends together the past, the present, and the future.

At the center of it all, the bar. The bar is a large, single piece that came from across the river, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Back when Red Wing Shoe incorporated the hotel in 1979, the mahogany bar was brought in through the Summit Room windows and placed in its pronounced location. The back of the bar holds a vast assortment of top-shelf selections, Louis XIII being one. With some local selections rotating through, you cannot be disappointed.

Like other pubs, Jimmy’s has muted lighting. The stained-glass windows brighten the space with soothing colors and designs that fit with a gentlemen parlor look. The windows were made by David Kjerland from Northfield in the early 1980s. Each piece was handcrafted to perfection, depicting a variety of nature’s finest animals.

Any pub can have a mahogany bar and a quality selection, but how about a fireplace? The beloved fireplace is said to be from Germany. Housing two wooden, hand carved statues on the mantle, this fireplace offers soft seating and refuge from Minnesota’s harsh winters.

From the floor to the ceiling, there is a story to tell. The architecture of the ceiling is grand. It was completed by a father and son carpentry team in the 1980s. Each piece of wood beautifully flows to the next. Rich with mahogany tones, you’ll be looking more at the ceiling than your drink. Fun fact: The son of the father and son carpentry team was a St. James Hotel employee.

The last notable furnishings are the chairs. The leather chairs, bar stools, and couches are made with leather from the S.B. Foot Tannery, which is owned by the Red Wing Shoe Company.  The leather seating stamps the Red Wing Shoe seal in the heart of the St. James. If you look closely, you will be able to see 3 rotating emblems within the leather.


The silver: the bar selection and fare
Jimmy’s offers an abundant selection of top shelf items like Makers Mark, Baby Hudson, and Wild Turkey. Jimmy’s even offers Louis XIII, which is displayed on among the bar wall in a glass, crystal bottle and red case. Order the last ounce poured to take home the crystal bottle and red case.

Are you a bourbon or scotch connoisseur? Jimmy’s has bourbon and scotch flights. Try the island in genuine Glencairn Whisky glasses for a flight to remember. If you are not a scotch or bourbon drinker, Jimmy’s handcrafted cocktails pack a punch. Fun fact: The number one selling drink at Jimmy’s is The Pub. The Pub consists of Makers Mark, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.

To pair with your drink, Jimmy’s offers a dinner menu with a selection of smaller and larger plates. Fun Fact: The number one selling plate is Jimmy’s Burger, followed by the hand-breaded Fish and Chips.

While drinks are made to sooth your spirit and plates cooked to perfection, Jimmy’s is a great place to be any day of the week.


The jewels: The people
Jimmy’s Pub would not be Jimmy’s Pub without the staff and guests that fill the space. Jimmy’s Pub is a place to unwind and meet new faces. The knowledgeable and friendly staff make every drink smooth. The guests offer their stories creating the inviting space Jimmy’s is known for. Jimmy’s features Live Music Fridays with local artists such as Patsy O’Brien, Too Guys, and Empire Night. In addition, Trivia Nights are held in Jimmy’s every other Thursday in the Fall and Spring.

Fun fact: Jimmy’s Pub once had a humidor. A humidor is a humidity-controlled box that stores cigars and pipe tobacco. Many people would smoke cigars giving Jimmy’s a gentlemen parlor reputation years ago.

It is one of Red Wing’s most cherished treasures.  Every component of Jimmy’s makes it worth the trip from around the block to a 45-minute drive from the cities.  Pair a bourbon flight with the Fish and Chips or have an ounce of the Louis XIII the next time you stop by. The décor, the menu, and the people make Jimmy’s a fortune; however, Jimmy’s riches were never hidden. You just have to look a little harder to find them.

A lot is happening in Jimmy’s you would not want to miss.  Hop over to Jimmy’s Pub to peer at the menu and learn of upcoming events.